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A carpet cleaning company you can trust
By Hannah Doherty
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How do I know if I can trust a carpet cleaning company?

Why not ask for a reference from a carpet cleaning company?

Most people’s concern when hiring people to work in their home or business is whether or not they can trust a  carpet cleaning company. Are they trustworthy, reliable and do they get good results?

It can be expensive to find out the hard way that a company’s carpet cleaning standards do not match their claims. One way to avoid this is to ask for and check a reference.

It happens all the time and in many industries that a reference is given but not checked. Why is it that we take people’s claims about their work at face value, when a quick phone call might save us the grief of getting substandard work done.

Ask for a reference when you are hiring a carpet and rug cleaning company to come into your home or business! You are entitled to know what to expect.

On every quote we send out, we include at least 2 references. We encourage people to call our references first for their own peace of mind.

Your carpets, upholstery and rugs represent a considerable investment so you are right to be as careful as possible when choosing who you let loose on them.

Won’t I know from their nice, shiny website?

Not necessarily. Not too many carpet cleaning companies publish their mistakes or shortcomings. In fact, some franchises have fabulous websites but unethical practices when it comes to their franchisees and customers. Still, with careful reading you can get a much better idea of the quality of the cleaning company you are researching. A good way to check is Google Reviews. If a company are treating their customers badly, you will usually see some negative reviews there. Although some negative reviews are fraudulent, when you see several, it might be an indication to steer clear or proceed with extreme caution.

What should I look for on their website?

Are they accredited by a known and reputable organisation? The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) has a listing of accredited carpet cleaning organisations on their website.

Another thing to look for is reviews or testimonials. Almost all websites carry testimonials of their company’s work. It is helpful to note the dates attached to each testimonial.

The more testimonials given, the more current they are, the better. Also look out for carpet cleaning testimonials from commercial carpet cleaning clients. Companies will not usually allow their name and logo to be used as a reference unless they are certain of the company being recommended.

(See what our customers have said here: commercial testimonials or domestic testimonials)

What other things indicate a trustworthy carpet cleaning company?

The after sales service offered by carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals is also something worth checking out. Are they insured against damage? (It can happen on occasion.) Do they give a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee? They should (see why we do offer this). Why not? If they are as good as they say, there should be no problem. Do they check in after the job has been done to ensure that everything was satisfactory?

The whole point is this, a little research and care before booking your carpet cleaning can go a long way to ensuring you get a trustworthy carpet cleaning company with proven results and a happy experience all round.

Check out what our customers have said about us: see commercial testimonials or domestic testimonials.

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