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Carpet Cleaning Gift Voucher

Carpet Cleaning Gift Voucher

Carpet Cleaning Gift Vouchers

We’re well into our bookings for Christmas. It’s always a busy time of year in the carpet cleaning business. For many years now we’ve thought of doing gift vouchers for our customers, something like €100 vouchers for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning, carpet, rug and upholstery protection.

Up to now we have always resisted the temptation of doing gift vouchers. The primary reason is that we know that not all vouchers will be redeemed. You know how it happens, you get a voucher for Christmas and then put it in the drawer or in your wallet where it never sees the light of day again. This could result in a situation, for example, where we could sell €5000 in vouchers, but as much as €1500 may go unredeemed.

That does not sit right with us. Some might say, well, it’s not your problem, but still, taking €1500 for doing nothing seems, to us at least, to be cheating.

So how could we resolve this situation to everyone’s satisfaction?

If The Gift Voucher is Not Redeemed we will return the Money

What we are proposing to do is this: we will do vouchers for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and protector application. A month in advance of the expiry date, all recipients of the vouchers will be informed if the voucher has not been used. This gives them the opportunity to remind the recipient to book in the work. If after the expiry date, the voucher has still not been redeemed, we will return the amount to the purchaser, less a small administrative fee.

If the purchaser chooses not to have the money returned, we will choose a charity to send it to.

We don’t really want to benefit from doing nothing; we would rather be paid for carrying out the work. We are quite happy for someone else to benefit from the intended gift so they can help others.

By the way, people are already starting to book for Christmas cleaning. Book early so as not to be disappointed.


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