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Which Type of Carpet Clean lasts longest?

Extra miles per gallon

One of the major petrol retailers had a slogan a while back saying that a fill-up with their clean fuel would give you 23 miles extra per tank fill.

I saw recently it now says 3%, which made me wonder what the difference was.

It did get me thinking, however, of how much longer a top class carpet cleaning job lasts over a lesser one. The length of time between carpet cleans can vary rather dramatically depending on a number of factors.

Factors influencing how long a deep carpet clean lasts

Some factors, you have a degree of control over, others you don’t.

For example, the interval between carpet cleans is often dependent on footfall (is the area an area of high traffic), location (what kind of soil is being walked into the carpet), and quality of carpeting, among other things. These are usually factors that often are fixed or are at least very difficult to influence.

Other factors which influence how long an interval between carpet cleans are: equipment used, cleaning agents used, experience of the technician and crucially, what’s left behind from the carpet cleaning process.

Make Sure All Detergents are Washed Out - Leaving nothing behind!

To ensure the best clean and the longest-lasting result, it is very important that the carpet is left as free from chemical residue as possible. Pre-sprays, shampoos, spotting agents and detergents are often used with great effect to dislodge soiling. However, if a carpet cleaning company uses a shampoo or detergent, it must be extracted properly. Shampooing alone only really moves the soil around. Hot water extraction flushes out the soil and the detergent used to loosen and remove the soil.

Imagine washing your hair with shampoo but not fully rinsing it out. It is a similar thing with carpet fibres.

Why do stains reappear?

Perhaps you have had the experience, or have heard others say that they had a stain removed but it reappeared a couple of months down the line. What has usually happened in cases like this is that the sugary or syrupy content of the stain was not completely removed when cleaned. The surface stain may have been removed, but within a matter of weeks or months, dust adheres to the sticky residue and the stain appears again. This should not happen if a sticky residue is completely dealt with from the start.


Stair Carpet Cleaning

Stair Carpet Cleaning: Sticky residue from spilt cough syrup left an obvious black mark over time

Hot water extraction is essential to a long-lasting carpet clean

In a nutshell, to ensure the longest lasting clean, the carpets must be left as free from cleaning agents as possible. This means that your carpet cleaning company must flush out any cleaning agent used. Hot water extraction cleaning is the best way to ensure that your carpets are left residue-free and with longer-lasting results.

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