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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Commercial Carpet Cleaning at Jones Lang La Salle Offices Dublin

Aqua-Dry: Commercial Carpet Cleaning at Jones Lang La Salle Offices Dublin

Why a one size fits all approach rarely works for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are thinking of implementing a carpet cleaning maintenance plan, some thought needs to go into the needs and requirements of your commercial premises. A one size fits all approach may be convenient for the carpet cleaning provider but may not represent best value to the buyer.

To set up a maintenance programme for commercial carpet cleaning a thorough survey needs to be carried out. In this survey, what needs to be established is:

How to best maintain high-traffic areas

One of the most important factors that affects the maintenance of carpets is footfall or levels of traffic. Footfall varies greatly depending on the use of the building and the location of the carpets. Typically, a fourth floor office will not need the same frequency of deep cleans as the entrance and ground floor carpets for example. Of course, an exception to this would be if the fourth floor housed the company canteen.

It goes without saying that high traffic areas need most attention. We find the use of barrier matting and more frequent vacuuming are invaluable in helping to maintain the carpets. The type of matting used as well as the type of vacuum cleaner will greatly impact the carpet cleaning maintenance programme.

We would recommend a beater bar type of vacuum cleaner as this facilitates excellent grit and soil removal. 3M do an excellent range of barrier matting which provides very good protection for your carpeting.

This in-house attention, alongside regular deep cleans and spot cleans will help maintain your reception, lobby, or entrance areas, by removing damaging and unsightly soiling, thereby prolonging the life of the carpet.

Different approaches to different types of commercial premises

Of course, some commercial premises are more public than others. The National Concert Hall will require a much different Carpet Cleaning Maintenance approach than a building where public access is not a feature. That and stain removal can be a major consideration in public buildings. Unsightly stains can ruin the good look of an entire premises and must be catered for in the consideration of a maintenance programme.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaning in the National Concert Hall

Aqua Dry: Commercial Cleaning National Concert Hall

Buyer’s requirements and budget

The buyer’s carpet cleaning requirements along with his/her budget affects the type of carpet cleaning maintenance provided in commercial buildings.

Because each premises has its own requirements, we always prefer to do on-site quotations, where we send an experienced technician who will advise on the best possible programme for a company’s specific needs. He will be able to advise on expected results and the best value programme for the company.

Another consideration

While regular carpet cleaning maintains the appearance of your building for your clients, another impact that is often overlooked is that which is has on the staff. Although the impact on staff morale cannot be measured, it would be reasonable to assume that a cleaner, fresher, healthier environment will help staff productivity.

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12 years and 2 million patrons later, how does the Concert Hall Carpet look so good?

In my last post I went through a few of the important elements of a good carpet cleaning maintenance programme. There are of course many other considerations such as the location of the premises, office, etc., the type of carpeting (tiles or broadloom) and the purpose or use of the building.

One of our major clients is the National Concert Hall, for whom we have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 12 years now. This year alone 350,000 people attended events at the Concert Hall. I’m not sure that the same number of people have attended every year in the past 12 years but a conservative estimate would be that 2 million people have walked on these carpets in that time.

Look at the results for yourself:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin - National Concert Hall

Best Carpet Cleaning Dublin - National Concert Hall Dublin

How is it possible that they still look so good?

There are a number of factors:

Good Quality Carpet in the Places that Matter

The better quality the carpet, the better the appearance if maintained properly. One mistake that companies often make is compromising on quality at the outset. It is usually a false economy. The quality does not have to be the same throughout the building. Where there is less traffic, a lesser quality carpet very often is sufficient. So a good way to put your best foot forward in an economical way is to put the best carpet you can afford in the areas of highest use.

Scotchgard Protector

The best time to apply a scotchgard protector is when the carpet is newly installed. Although not bullet proof, the protector works to help prevents spillages from becoming stains and to make daily maintenance easier.

In the example of the Concert Hall, we have reapplied the protector after every clean. This is a great help in maintaining the appearance of the carpet in between cleans.

Frequent Maintenance

Frequent maintenance means that spillages are not left so long that they become impossible to remove. Even with Scotchgard Protector, the carpets need regular attention.

The longer a stain is left, the more likely it is to become permanent. The number of visits required depends on the volume of traffic on the carpet and on other considerations such as whether or not food is being served or consumed in the area.

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming in between professional cleans helps greatly to maintain the carpet’s appearance. We recommend a beater bar vacuum cleaner which will do an excellent job of lifting soil and dust from the carpet. This will reduce damage to the carpet caused by friction of dust, grit, and general soiling. The Concert Hall’s own cleaning staff do a great job in this regard.

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Why not ask for a reference from a carpet cleaning company?

Most people’s concern when hiring people to work in their home or business is whether or not the carpet cleaning company is trustworthy, reliable and gets good results.

It can be expensive to find out the hard way that a company’s carpet cleaning standards do not match their claims. One way to avoid this is to ask for and check a reference.

It happens all the time and in many industries that a reference is given but not checked. Why is it that we take people’s claims about their work at face value, when a quick phone call might save us the grief of getting substandard work done.

Ask for a reference when you are hiring a carpet and rug cleaning company to come into your home or business! You are entitled to know what to expect.

On every quote we send out, we include at least 3 references. We encourage people to call our references first for their own peace of mind.

Your carpets, upholstery and rugs represent a considerable investment so you are right to be as careful as possible when choosing who you let loose on them.

Won’t I know from their nice, shiny website?

Not necessarily. Not too many carpet cleaning companies publish their mistakes or shortcomings. Still, with careful reading you can get a much better idea of the quality of the cleaning company you are researching.

What should I look for on their website?

Almost all websites carry testimonials of their company’s work. It is helpful to note the dates attached to each testimonial.

The more testimonials given, the more current they are, the better. Also look out for carpet cleaning testimonials from commercial carpet cleaning clients. Companies will not usually allow their name to be used as a reference unless they are certain of the company being recommended.

(See what our customers have said here: commercial testimonials or domestic testimonials)

What other things indicate a trustworthy carpet cleaning company?

The after sales service offered by carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals is also something worth checking out. Are they insured against damage? (It can happen on occasion.) Do they give a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee? They should (see why we do offer this). Why not? If they are as good as they say, there should be no problem. Do they check in after the job has been done to ensure that everything was satisfactory?

You should also look out for the associations that a company has. For example, are they certified by a carpet cleaning certification body such as the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) or the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)?

The whole point is this, a little research and care before booking your carpet cleaning can go a long way to ensuring you get a trustworthy carpet cleaning company with proven results and a happy experience all round.

Check out what our customers have said about us: see commercial testimonials or domestic testimonials.

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The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance in High Traffic Venues


Carpet Cleaning Job in Dublin, National Concert Hall - Aqua Dry

National Concert Hall – Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaning van

Keeping the same furniture and carpets for decades

As you may know, we have been cleaning carpets and performing upholstery cleaning at the National Concert Hall for over ten years now. It’s always a pleasure for us to be in the National Concert Hall, whether for carpet cleaning or to enjoy some top class singing.


Click On the Video below to See Tom enjoying his carpet cleaning in the plush surroundings of the National Concert Hall


In all those years, the carpets and upholstery, chairs and sofas have not been replaced. When you take into account the huge number of people that attend events at the Concert Hall annually, that is a remarkable saving and excellent value for money on their original investment.

Tattersalls Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

For almost twenty years now, we have cleaned carpets, sofas, dining chairs and rugs in Tattersalls. Tattersalls is one of the leading livestock agents in the world. Apart from the many selling events they host each year, they also cater for weddings and other events.

Similarly to the Concert Hall, the carpets, upholstery and rugs in Tattersalls have not needed to be replaced in all that time.

How have these high-traffic venues managed to avoid replacing their furnishings for so long?

Both organisations have a very good maintenance programme in place. From new, all the furnishings had a protector applied like Scotchgard. This has helped to stop spillages becoming stains and has improved subsequent cleaning results. That’s the first part.

Secondly, both the Concert Hall and Tattersalls deal with spillages and stains in a very efficient manner. Spillages are removed quickly and at least every 6 months, the carpets get a full hot water extraction clean. Periodically for the rest of the year, a spot removal programme is in place.

Carpet Cleaning in Dublin Tatersalls

Carpet Cleaning in Tattersalls

The cost of replacing the carpets, upholstery and rugs in these organisations would be very high indeed. For over 10 and 20 years respectively, this cost has been avoided by good maintenance.

Benefits of good commercial carpet cleaning maintenance

Simply put, the advantages of a good maintenance programme are:

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Restaurants

Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Restaurants

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Although carpet on restaurant floors is not as fashionable as it used to be there are still many restaurants using carpet. The important thing form the restaurant owner’s point of view is to put the right type of carpeting down.

A restaurateur should bear in mind that it will need regular carpet cleaning. Therefore there are several considerations when choosing the type of carpet

Can the Carpet be Wet Cleaned?

This recently became an issue for us when we were asked to quote for a Carpet Clean in a Chinese restaurant. The carpet was quite heavily impacted with grease in the walkway area. On examination of the carpet type we discovered it was a ‘Belgian Wilton’ carpet. These are often sold as a true Wilton carpet, which they are not. The full fibres are synthetic, usually Polypropylene and not wool as in a true Wilton. The problem from a carpet cleaning point of a view is that these carpets stain quite easily. In order to get a satisfactory cleaning job done, it is usually necessary to pre-spray an enzyme cleaner before hot water extraction.

This leaves hot water extraction cleaning very risky on this type of carpet. We would not recommend this type of carpeting, particularly for high-traffic, high-impact areas such as restaurants or any busy commercial premises or homes.

Unfortunately, there is no other method of cleaning which will satisfactorily clean this type of carpet.

How will the Carpet wear?

As carpeting can be a very large investment, it needs to last the course. In this regard, a wool, synthetic mix is usually best. The wool content gives it that luxurious feel and look while the synthetic mix makes the carpet last much longer. From a carpet cleaning point of view, there are no real risks either.

What about Carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles in a restaurant can be a very attractive proposition. Depending on the quality of carpet tile, they can look very attractive indeed.

A feature which is attractive to the restaurant owner is that spares can be kept. This means that theoretically the most worn carpet tiles replaced over time. This practice doesn’t always work out though, as 5 years later, it can be hard to locate where those spare tiles are kept

In conclusion, it is smart to consider how your lovely new carpet will clean up after a couple of years’ wear and tear.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Client - FAI Office After Clean From Aqua-Dry

FAI Head Office Carpet After Clean From Aqua-Dry

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Price when Choosing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

We shouldn’t really be surprised but it is still puzzling to me, how people will sometimes sacrifice quality for price. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of the best value for money but that really does not equate to the cheapest price.

A while ago we had submitted our quote for a commercial carpet cleaning job and were informed that we were too expensive (read more about that here). This can happen so we moved on. Unfortunately when the job was done by the carpet cleaning company who won the quote, it turned out to be very unsatisfactory indeed.

We were then asked to come in and sort out the problem. All the time taken up in rectifying this job as well as the stress caused had a cost and could have been avoided. Lesson learnt: You Need to Look beyond Cost (Particularly Cheap) - and think about Quality and Look at Track Record.

What Are The Other Factors to Consider?

We recently had a very good commercial carpet cleaning client ask us to reduce our price by a very small amount to match the competition. If it were to match the competition, then that would be fine. However, on examination, our competition did not carry product liability insurance, did not give a “No Quibbles” 100% money back guarantee, and could not produce a tax clearance certificate.

Add to this the fact that this carpet cleaning company did not have a health and safety policy and you understand that the only thing we were competing was price as it certainly was not Guarantee of Quality of Service, Professional Process and Standards. I wonder what would happen if something went wrong on the job. Would our competition give a complete re-clean free of charge?

Can You 100% Rely on The Carpet Cleaning Company You Chose?

A lot of times you can really judge a company on their response if something goes wrong. Will it be attended to immediately and satisfactorily dealt with? Will the customer be covered by insurance if there is a mistake? After over 30 years of commercial carpet cleaning, rug and upholstery cleaning we know what represents great value for money and not just a cheap job.

Our Clients Understand Quality and The Value of a Partner (And So Do We!)

By the way, we carried out the job for our long-time commercial customer after discussing the difference in the service. Needless to say they were delighted with the results.

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