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Dublin 4 Carpet Cleaning
By Hannah Doherty
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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

Carpet cleaning is not just about how your carpet looks, it also plays a key role in ensuring a healthy environment in our homes, offices and public areas. If it’s something you’re considering for your home or business, you might be wondering, "How long does carpet cleaning take?"

The answer to this question can help you minimise disruption by fitting carpet cleaning into your daily activities. This article will explain the carpet cleaning process, how much time it usually takes and which factors can affect the duration.

What does carpet cleaning involve?

To understand how long carpet cleaning takes, it's important to know about each element of the cleaning process. Carpet cleaning is not just about tackling visible dirt and stains, its goal is to remove allergens and dust mites, enhancing indoor air quality in the process.

Additionally, proper cleaning will significantly extend the carpet's lifespan, preserving its texture and colour over time. Different carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning, dry cleaning and shampooing each take a certain amount of time to carry out.

By knowing the difference between the methods, you can make a more informed decision when picking the right one based on your carpet's material and the level of cleaning needed.

Factors influencing cleaning time

Several factors can influence how long carpet cleaning takes. These factors range from the method of cleaning chosen to the size and condition of the carpet:

Size and type of the carpet

The size of a carpet plays a significant role in determining the cleaning time as larger carpets naturally take longer to clean. Typically, residential carpets, being smaller, can be cleaned more quickly than larger commercial carpets.

Additionally, the type of carpet material and pile height are a big influence on the cleaning process. This is because different materials need specific cleaning techniques and timeframes.

For example, synthetic carpets often require less time to clean compared to woollen carpets, which could need more careful and prolonged treatment.

Level of soiling

The dirtiness of a carpet affects how long it takes to clean. If a carpet has light dirt or small stains, it can be cleaned quickly with simple methods.

On the other hand, heavily soiled carpets with deep stains, embedded dirt or a lot of wear and tear need more thorough and time-consuming cleaning.

This often involves several steps, like treating stains, deep cleaning and going over heavily soiled areas multiple times. Extensive cleaning is important not just for removing visible dirt but also for ensuring all contaminants are removed, restoring the carpet's appearance and hygiene.

Cleaning method used

Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction, is a deep cleaning method. A hot water solution is shot at high pressure into the fibres of the carpet, loosening soil and grit particles.  This is then extracted also at high pressure to lift stains and remove soil. The pressure of the water loosens soil from the fibres so that it can be extracted, similar to how the tumbling action loosens oils and stain particles from garments in a washing machine.

With this method, you will have to allow for several hours of drying time. This can be from a few hours to 24 hours, depending on the environment.

The carpet manufacturing industry recognised hot water extraction as the most effective and hygienic carpet cleaning method. Despite the wait, it's great for thorough cleaning and tough stains, leaving your carpet refreshed.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a quicker carpet cleaning method because it doesn't use water. This means you can use the carpet right after cleaning. This treatment tends to be used when it is impossible to use the hot water extraction method.

Environmental factors

The humidity and airflow in the environment are key factors in how quickly carpets dry, especially with steam cleaning. When humidity is high or there isn't enough airflow, it can considerably extend the drying time, causing delays in using the carpet.

Proper ventilation and controlling humidity are essential for speeding up carpet drying, especially when using steam cleaning.

Furniture moving

Moving furniture out of the way is obviously needed before carpet cleaning starts. This will make sure that the cleaners can access all areas of the carpet, making the cleaning process smoother and more efficient.

So, when calculating the overall time for carpet cleaning, it's important to remember how long furniture removal will take along with the carpet cleaning itself.

How long does carpet cleaning take

How long does carpet cleaning take – estimates

While it's difficult to specify exactly how long a carpet cleaning will take, the following general guidelines can give you a rough idea:

Small rooms or areas (up to 200 square feet)

Cleaning these spaces usually takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the carpet's condition and the cleaning method used.

Medium to large rooms (200 to 400 square feet)

For these larger areas, the cleaning process can take approximately 30-60 minutes, with variations depending on factors like soiling level and carpet type.

Whole house cleaning

Cleaning an entire house can be quite variable, but on average, it might take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. This can be longer, if the house has multiple large rooms or heavily soiled carpets.

Remember, these time frames for how long carpet cleaning takes are estimates and can fluctuate based on factors such as the cleaning method, the carpet’s material and the degree of dirt and stains present. Not to mention, the last time the carpet was cleaned and how long it will take to dry.

Reliable carpet cleaning with Aqua-Dry

Whether you need a routine clean or an intensive treatment for heavily soiled carpets, Aqua-Dry has the solution. We have been a leading carpet cleaning service in Dublin for over 40 years. Our team of NCCA-accredited technicians uses the best equipment and cleaning products to deliver great results.

Aqua-Dry specialises in both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning, with a particular understanding of the specific needs of business and facilities managers. Offering more than just a one-time cleaning service, our customised maintenance contracts are designed to suit unique business needs.

Our quality service is trusted by top establishments in Dublin, including The National Concert Hall, Wesley College and Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club. To join our growing list of happy customers, contact us today. We’ll provide a free quote for your professional carpet cleaning.

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