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Rug Cleaning - Dont Spin a Yarn!

Rug Cleaning

We visited a lady last week to look at a very large rug she needed to have cleaned.

She was a very friendly lady who welcomed us into her home. As we were discussing the rug cleaning, I pointed out that two stains on her rug were almost certainly permanent. Her response to that really took me by surprise. She said: “Thank you very much, I didn’t want you to spin me a yarn”.

People just want an honest assessment

It’s like when you go to your local garage with a problem. You like to know that whatever is wrong with your vehicle is all you are being told, no more, no less. This requires that a mechanic is fully competent to assess your vehicle and is completely honest in his appraisal of how it can be fixed.

Personally, I think it’s terrible that people are scared of professional carpet cleaners, upholstery and rug cleaners not giving them an honest assessment. Some of this may be down to lack of training or experience on the part of the technician. That, at least, can be rectified by the cleaning professional.

Honest assessment of rug cleaning results and 100% Money back guarantee

Well, back to our lady and the rug quote. She told me she loved the rug but was very concerned that it could not be cleaned and obviously didn’t want to pay a lot for an unsatisfactory result. My assessment was that we could indeed get a result that she would be happy with. I also reassured her that if for any reason she was not happy with the result, then she was covered by our 100% money back guarantee. This is only fair. Now she knows the realistic expected results and has the comfort of a solid guarantee.

Well, a happy ending is in sight here. We have one more process to carry out before the job is completed. At the moment, we are very pleased with the results. However, we must wait for the moment of truth when we return this precious rug to its owner. I think she will like it. We will post the result

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Rug Cleaning by Aqua Dry in Our Dedicated rug cleaning facility dublin, Ireland

How to Achieve Better Rug Cleaning Results

As you may know, we clean a lot of rugs at our Rug Cleaning Dublin Centre. We took the decision to build a proper rug cleaning plant for a number of different reasons.

Among these reasons are the following:

One of the things we discovered which we had not bargained for was that many of the rugs need a second and even a third clean. It is quite remarkable how often we need to re-do sections or the complete rug before being satisfied with the result.

Now you can see how this would be a problem if we were to do rug cleaning on-site. After rug cleaning on-site, the rug may look perfect, but a true result appears when it is fully dried out.

Dust Removal

As mentioned above, dust removal is a major reason why we take rugs into our cleaning plant. The backs as well as the face of the rugs are power vacuumed, in some cases 30-40 times. This cannot be done in a domestic setting as the mess would not be tolerated (as can be seen in the video below). Some rugs are returned to our customers literally several pounds lighter than they came in.

Cleaning Rugs with risk of colour run

Sensitive rugs which are susceptible to colour run can be very difficult to wet clean. The benefits of having a drying room really show when it comes to these types of rugs. Controlled humidity drying with the proper use of chemical and detergent mixes makes it safe to wet clean even the most sensitive of rugs.

Rug Cleaning Fringe benefits!

Rug Cleaning - Aqua Dry Dedicated Cleaning Facility

Another advantage of our cleaning plant is that we can treat fringes without damaging the fibres in the rest of the rug. This cannot be done on-site without the risk of damaging the surface on which the rugs are cleaned.

So if you are deciding between having a rug done on-site and having it taken away, these are just some of the reasons why we prefer to take rugs away.

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Is Rug Cleaning Safe?

"I’m a little bit nervous about having my rug cleaned"

It is surprising how often we hear these words. Although we also clean carpets and upholstery, there is rarely the same concern expressed. Perhaps the reason is that it takes so long to choose the rug in the first place. It may also be that some special circumstance is related to the rug; perhaps it was a purchase from a memorable trip abroad, or inherited from a loved one. Perhaps it has a sentimental value, or perhaps you just really really like it. In any case, we find that people are more concerned about the outcome of the rug cleaning experience than any other.

Main issue with rug cleaning

There is really no need to be concerned. Most rugs are made up of mostly natural fibres. The vast majority are wool, then silk, cotton etc. The only thing that can really go wrong in rug cleaning is that the colours may run. This problem is easily avoided by doing dye tests on all of the colours. If a dye test shows the colours to be stable, the rug is safe to clean. However, to be completely safe, a textile rinse should be used as the last process. This prevents any late bleed on rugs.

If the colours are unstable, there are usually two options. If the colour is light, it is usually fine to clean with a detergent which has a low PH (below 6). If the colour transfer is strong, the rug can still be cleaned, either with a dry-cleaning compound or fluid.

It is important that the colour tests be done in order to ascertain which cleaning method should be used.

Different methods used for different types

Full extraction cleaning is possible where there is no colour problem. This gives the best results possible.
When methods 2 and 3 are used, the results may not be as dramatic but here is the really important thing: the cleaning is safe.

So we understand people’s fears about rug cleaning. But, your rug in the proper hands is safe. Just make sure you get it into the right hands*.

*Our Rug Cleaning Dublin Centre has been purpose-built for cleaning rugs with a custom designed drying room. Combine this with over 30 years' experience and you know your rug will be in good hands.

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Is a 100% Money Back Guarantee just a marketing ploy?

The cynic might say that a guarantee such as this is “nothing more than a marketing ploy”. In certain companies, that might be the case. The main reason that we do it is to challenge ourselves on every job, whether it be carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or rug cleaning.

The customer is entitled to the very best job we can give. This is dictated by the training our technicians get, the detergents we use, and the type of equipment we operate. The customer should have no risk whatsoever.
A company that gives a 100% money back guarantee must be confident of their ability to deliver on the promises made. We have this confidence thanks to our training, equipment and products, which are the best we can offer. Not only that, but Aqua-Dry also carries public and product liability insurance. This means that in the highly unlikely event of something going wrong, our customer still knows there is no risk for them.

Risk for Aqua-Dry?

“Oh but you will be ripped off if you give that kind of guarantee” say others. Our experience is that people who use our services are very fair-minded. Once we agree a price they are delighted to pay if the job is to their total satisfaction.

You may have noticed that the guarantee comes with all our work. That includes commercial carpet cleaning, commercial upholstery cleaning and commercial rug cleaning. Now this is where it gets really interesting. Commercial carpet cleaning carries a much higher value than domestic carpet cleaning. In theory, therefore, it is more of a risk to us, the carpet cleaners.
Yes, in theory. BUT, if we cannot give the kind of assurances on commercial work that are required or should be demanded, then maybe we shouldn’t be offering the service. Thankfully, we can and we do.

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