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Stain Protector

In order to maintain the look of your new or freshly cleaned Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery we recommend having a Stain Protector applied. 

How does our Stain Protector Work?

Most Carpets and Upholstery fabrics don’t wear out or become unusable because of an accidental spill, instead they gradually take on a dingy appearance from constant exposure to household dust, stray food particles, pets and everyday use. The right carpet or fabric protector can reduce damage from liquid spills and dirt!

The original ScotchgardTM Protector developed over 50 years ago by 3M was a fluorochemical and while the industrial 3M product is no longer available commercially in Ireland, fluorochemical protectors are far superior to other types of protector such as silicones and have been used to maintain appearance and add life to carpets and furniture fabrics for more than thirty years. 

They still remain the most effective and versatile of any of the protective finishes available today. 

How Effective Is A Stain Protector?

Unfortunately, no single protector can protect against every kind of stain or spill. A few substances will defy even the most effective protector, i.e. bleach, some food colouring dyes etc. A fluorochemical stain protector protects against most water and oil based spills and soiling. These types of treatments are either applied during manufacture at the mill, at selected retailers or in the customer’s home by a specialist technician. It works by locking into each carpet and upholstery fibre to create an invisible durable shield, which doesn’t affect the look or feel of the carpet or fabric.

This means that even cleaning and vacuuming your carpets and furniture is easier and more effective.

What are the benefits of Stain Protector?

  • It helps protect your carpets, rugs & upholstery from food & drink stains
  • It helps to repel water & oil-based spillages such as wine, coffee, tar & oil
  • It protects against dust, dirt and grime
  • The coating minimises the impact of liquid spills and ground-in dirt so that your fabrics don’t look old and shabby, but stay looking fresher longer
  • It won’t change the feel or colour of your fabrics
  • It makes the clean-up faster and easier
  • It helps keep carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer
Watch our short video to find out more about Stain Protector.
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Stain Protector Reviews

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Average Rating: 4.8/5   408 Reviews
5/5  ·  18th May 2020 by of DUBLIN 9, Drumcondra
We had been painting during the lockdown, and decided that it was time to get our two rugs and our couch cleaned. We have used Aqua-Dry before. I rang on Friday and Dan called this morning and cleaned our two rugs and couch, the results were fantastic, the rugs and couch look great, really bright. Dan was prompt and did a really great and thorough job. We are more than happy with the result and have no problem in recommending Aqua-Dry Martin & Sue
4.5/5  ·  5th May 2020 by of DUBLIN 14, Goatstown
I was very happy with your service. The carpets looked really great and Tony was very efficient, professional and friendly. I choose you as that’s what came up when I googled carpet cleaning Dublin
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How long does the Stain Protector last?

The length of time a stain protector remains effective will depend largely on the amount of traffic an area gets – the hall of a public building or the reception area in an office may get substantially more use than a spare bedroom in your home, for example. On average, carpets and upholstery are cleaned every 1-2 years. The effectiveness of the stain protector will diminish every time furnishings are cleaned using Hot Water Extraction. We, therefore, recommend that a top-up of be reapplied after each professional clean. Usually it is unnecessary to reapply the protector to the entire area that has been cleaned. For example, the carpet underneath your couches or piano is unlikely to need it. Similarly, the back and sides of your suite usually do not need a top-up application.

We can advise you on the recommended service when we visit your home and you can be confident our advice is the best there is in the Dublin market – we’ve been in business for over 35 years now and stain protector is a service we have offered almost since day one!

To find out more about Our Stain Protector Treatment, call us today on 01-8400 799 or email

How to deal with a spillage

  • First thing: do NOT panic!
  • Use WHITE towelling or absorbent tissue to blot any liquid spill
  • Be patient – continue until no more residue appears on your towelling or tissue (this may take some time)
  • Blot only (do NOT rub – it spreads the stain)
  • Do NOT use any detergents or bleaches
  • If you’re left with a stain, call us, we’ll be glad to help
It can be tempting to try and use under the sink products such as Vanish etc, but please, we beg of you, don’t use anything other than what has been recommended as you may inadvertently make the stain permanent.

When Is the Right Time to Stain Protect Your Carpet and Upholstery?

The perfect time to stain protect your Carpets and Upholstery is when they are brand new or if you have just had them cleaned. New carpets and upholstery are usually a fairly sizeable investment and in order to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible, we highly recommend getting the stain protector applied as soon as possible after they have been delivered.

Although of most value on new carpets and upholstery, there is considerable value in having a protector applied to a freshly cleaned carpet or suite as it will help keep it look good for longer and extend its lifetime. After application, regular vacuuming and immediate attention to stains and spills will keep your furniture and upholstery looking cleaner longer.

Worth the investment?

Having a stain protector applied is definitely value for money in terms of maintaining the quality of different silks and fabrics. It helps to prevent long term damage from a number of factors such as spills, pet damage, daily wear and tear, while keeping your fabrics looking fresh and in top condition. It is a proven, robust type of seal which will prolong the life of your sofas and carpets – both in the home and in commercial/office settings.
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