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Upholstery Cleaning

When sourcing Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Services you need to be certain that the Company you employ is fully knowledgeable and capable of carrying out the job.

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Aqua-Dry have been providing Upholstery Cleaning services to homes and businesses in and around Dublin for over 37 years. 

Wherever possible we use the Hot Water Extraction Method which is universally recognised as the most efficient and hygienic method of upholstery cleaning.

Today, well-established companies like Arnotts, Finline Furniture, Frank McGowan, Harvey Norman and Portmarnock Furnishings recommend us to their customers.

Click to read our customer reviews and to see what they have to say about us.

See our amazing results, updated every week here.


Our technicians take pride in a job well done and our friendly office staff ensure a friendly, hassle-free service from start to finish.

  • Over 37 years’ in business
  • Highly experienced technicians
  • The knowhow to restore your upholstery to its best
  • Top-of-the range equipment and cleaning products
  • We check in after every job to ensure satisfaction
  • Over 450 reviews from customers with a 4.8/5 overall rating
  • 100% Money back guarantee
Here’s how our professional and reliable service works
Chat to our friendly staff
We’ll provide you with a free quote over the phone but on-site quotations are also available.
Schedule your appointment
Once you’re booked in we’ll send you a reminder text ahead of time.
We do a thorough clean
Our NCCA trained and certified technician will complete the job onsite.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Once the job is complete Hannah or Tim will be in touch to check you’re fully satisfied.
Handy reminder
We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time for another clean, just one less thing for you to think about!
100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee
All our services come with an ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This makes our service risk-free for our customers. When we check in with you after the job, please mention any aspects of the job that you weren’t satisfied with and we will arrange a complimentary re-visit of the area. If you still aren’t pleased, you pay nothing. Not one cent! No Quibbles.

Upholstery Cleaning Reviews

View all of our latest reviews in your local area. Please use the map to zoom in and find reviews near you. Or you can scroll through over 250 reviews in the box below.
Average Rating: 4.8/5   464 Reviews
5/5  ·  3rd September 2020 by of SKERRIES
Upholstery Cleaning
With two cream coloured sofas and a cream rug, I wasn't sure how good they might turn out, so I was very pleasantly surprised how clean they are again. Tony was very pleasant to deal with, right on time, and I will definitely have you back again in future. Thank you
5/5  ·  14th August 2020 by of DUBLIN 13, Sutton
Upholstery Cleaning
Thanks so much - Tony was absolutely BRILLIANT! Will be saving your number when we inevitably will need your help again.
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Upholstery Cleaning Options

We offer: Deep Cleaning, Stain Protector and Sanitisation Treatment (Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mould treatment)

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Clean service consists of deep-cleaning your upholstery using the Hot Water Extraction method. Before we clean, we inspect the upholstery carefully in order to clearly point out the expected result to our customer. We remove any grit or particles that may damage your upholstery. Stains are treated by our technician and then the upholstery is cleaned deep down to remove soiling.

Clean and Protect

Our Stain Protector can be applied to new furniture or freshly cleaned furniture. This surface treatment forms a barrier over the fibres of your sofa or couch, helping to prevent spill and soil from penetrating and reducing the chances of them becoming permanent marks. you will be able to take care of many spills yourself, another benefit it that when you next have your suite cleaned, the soiling will remove more effectively. 
The stain protector also helps protect against general wear and tear, prolonging the life of your soft furnishings and helping you to get more out of your investment.

You can view demonstrations of the impressive effect of this kind of treatment on the video below:

Sanitisation Treatment

Our Sanitisation Treatment can be done in conjunction with the Deep Clean, or Clean and Protect treatments. This certified anti-bacterial, anti-virucidal, anti-mould and anti-fungal treatment kills bacteria and viruses that may be residing in your upholstery. This is especially useful in homes with pets, babies and small children. It may also be helpful where family members suffer from conditions such as asthma or allergies. It can also help reduce odours that may be residing in your suite of furniture.

This is especially useful in homes with pets, babies and small children. Also it may be helpful where family members suffer from conditions such as asthma or allergies

Read more about our Sanitisation Treatment.


Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

The upholstery cleaning Technician needs to know:

  • The type of fabric being worked on
  • What type of cleaning is most suitable
  • If it’s safe to wet clean

Because of the sensitivity of some fabrics there are a number of different methods of cleaning. The more robust fabrics can usually be machine cleaned while hand cleaning services may only be appropriate for the more delicate fabrics. Our Technician will know what is the best method for you particular upholstery.

Our Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Technicians are thoroughly trained on how to clean a variety of different fabrics. We explain to you what result to expect. We will also tell you what stains will and what stains will not remove.

He will also know exactly what product to use in order to give you the best possible job. We will of course take the greatest care in your home so that your floors and other furnishings are protected while the upholstery cleaning services are carried out. We specialise in Upholstery Cleaning of Sofas, Couches, Chairs, Armchairs, Recliners and Chaise Longues.

Occasionally we get other types of furniture pieces and we are glad to advise on the appropriate care. With proper professional care your living room, dining room and bedroom soft furnishings will give you pleasure for years to come.


Should I attempt to clean it myself?

We often get calls from people who have had a spill or a stain and have gone to work on it with Vanish, washing up liquid, bleach or baking soda etc. Unfortunately, these home treatments often make the situation worse, leaving permanent stains.

Although you may be tempted to try and clean your own furniture, this can easily lead to disaster. If you leave watermarks or colour run behind, it is usually permanent. Some fibres crush easily with water treatment and can be permanently damaged.

We advise you NOT to try cleaning yourself because irreparable damage can be done if you don’t know the fabric you’re working on. Why not get the benefit of top-of-the-range equipment, cleaning products, and (most importantly) the expertise to remove stains, soil and allergens in much less time, with much less effort and with much better results.

We’re happy to give you advice over the phone.


Improve the appearance of your upholstery

Most of our customer have their suite of furniture deep cleaned annually, while others need it done for guests arriving, a special occasion or because of an unfortunate spill. Whatever the reason, having your upholstery deep cleaned not only improves the appearance of your home, it also improves the air quality.

Fabric furniture can collect dust, soil, and other allergens over time as well as foodstuffs and other unwanted materials. Sticky fingerprints, while not immediately apparent, can attract dust and soil over time, causing stains to reappear. If not cleaned regularly, soil and grit in the fibres can actually damage the material over time leading to a duller and more worn appearance.


Thinking of replacing or reupholstering?

We’ve had numerous customers who have called us on the verge of replacing their suite or getting it reupholstered. Upon receiving quotes for this, they decided to see about getting a professional upholstery cleaning as a cost-effective alternative. Although we can’t promise to bring every sofa to an as-new condition, we’ve had fantastic feedback from delighted customers who feel that their furniture has been given a “new lease of life” and “it looks like new” and “we can’t believe we thought about replacing it”.

Improve the appearance of your upholstery

Perhaps you’ve had your sofa cleaned before but it wasn’t a good service, or perhaps you are a first-timer, and are wondering, how can I trust them in my home? Thankfully we have over 260 testimonials from customers based in and around Dublin which you can check out for yourself. As well as that, we are also recommended by Arnotts, Frank McGowan, Finline Furniture, Jones Lang LaSalle, The National Concert Hall and many other reputable businesses around Dublin. Why not check out what they have to say before deciding.

A Family Business

Aqua-Dry began in the 1980s with Tom going door to door with a rented carpet cleaning machine in an attempt to provide for his wife and new-born daughter. Over time, more and more work came from referrals and repeat customers and he added upholstery cleaning to his repertoire. As his reputation increased, the business grew, with his wife Joni taking care of the admin side of things. All of his kids have worked in the company at some point and now, his daughter Hannah (the new-born from the 1980s) is the office manager and ensures that this reputation is maintained today. For this reason we are highly customer-focussed and strive to ensure that our team offers a friendly, helpful, and professional, hands-on service. It may sound corny, but we actually really do care about our customers’ satisfaction.

With the addition of wonderful staff like Tony and Charlotte, we work hard to ensure that we are providing a service that is second-to-none on every job. Our business has continued to grow thanks to repeat business and referrals from our satisfied customers.

Honest Service

Our team have been in the business for over 35 years and during that time we’ve come across virtually every kind of Domestic Upholstery Cleaning scenario. It has happened on occasion that we have felt that a result was not possible on a given piece of furniture. In those cases, we would advise against getting the work done, at no cost to the customer. Although it means that we are down for the day, we would rather that than waste a customer’s time and money if no result is achievable. We will always provide a thorough assessment of the job in advance of starting the cleaning work. This means that you know up front what the expected result is before we start.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It can happen (on occasion), that deep stains can wick back up and reappear shortly after the job has been completed and while it can be difficult for a customer to broach dissatisfaction, our office staff follow up each and every job with a call, text or email to check if the customer was satisfied. If it’s the case that the customer felt the job wasn’t satisfactory, we will gladly arrange for a complimentary revisit. 

We are fully insured with public and product liability insurance so that in the extremely unusual case that something goes wrong, you are totally covered. We have a 100% money back guarantee in the case that you are not satisfied with the work.

Furthermore, our technicians would always point out beforehand if they felt that no result was possible on a given job and will only go ahead if you are happy to.

Reliable & Trusted

If you read our reviews, you will see that we receive many comments about the manner and attitude of our staff and this is a tremendous source of pride for us. Many of our customers have expressed their delight at the service they have received from initial contact, to the actual service, to the post-service check.

We are regularly told how friendly, pleasant and accommodating our staff are to deal with. Most importantly, our results speak for themselves and we are thankful that many of our customers continue to return to us and to recommend us to friends and family.

What You Need to Know

Quotation: The quotation we give is a real quotation, we don’t offer false low prices and then introduce add-ons and hidden charges on site. Our office staff usually provide a quotation over the phone, or by email, but wherever necessary an on-site quotation can be arranged.

On the Job, if for any reason we are delayed, we will let you know beforehand. Upon arrival, our technician will walk you through the job beforehand. He then carries out the job to the highest standard. 
Our machines and cleaning products are purchased from the most reputable manufacturers and have been safety tested to European standards.

After the Job our office staff will get in touch to check you were satisfied. If not, we arrange for a complimentary revisit of the area at the soonest availability. 

How long will it take? The length of the job will vary depending on what is being cleaned. Our office staff will be able to give you a good indication when you are booking in.

How long will it take to dry? Drying times vary considerably so it is a little harder to give a solid indication of drying time. Drying times can range from 4-12 hours. The more heavily soiled a suite of furniture is, the longer it will take to dry. The weather has a part to play too: warm breezy days are perfect for allowing speedy drying times. It is important to have an airflow in the room, without that, it will take longer to dry.

Payment can be made on the day and we accept all major credit/debit cards as well as cash or cheque. We don’t require a deposit beforehand and will leave a paper receipt on the job. If a VAT receipt is required, we can email or post one to you upon payment.

We Cover Dublin and Surrounding Areas

We cover all areas in Dublin, and while we mainly service the greater Dublin area, we also service areas outside Dublin. Depending on the size of the job, and the distance, a travel fee may apply to areas further afield.

We're Not The Cheapest

We are not the cheapest upholstery cleaning company in the market, but we would say that we are the best value for money. We arrive when we say we will, so you don’t have to wait around all day. Our technicians have top of the range equipment and cleaning products, and are highly experienced which means that you get the best possible results without any wasted time. Our 100% Money back guarantee ensures that there is no risk to you, the customer. We have often received calls from people who have had work done by a cheaper, man-with-a-van-type operation, who were left extremely dissatisfied with their whole experience. When they have tried to broach this with said technician, their calls have been ignored, even blocked and they are left feeling like they’ve been had. The general sentiment has been "I wanted a reputable company this time, that’s why I called you". We have found it to be true that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Get In Touch

Our friendly office staff are available from 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. We respond to every email and voicemail so if you don’t get through to us immediately, please be assured that we will respond as soon as possible. 

In most cases a quotation can be given over the phone. If you could tell us the size of the suite to be cleaned (i.e. 3-seater + 2 armchairs, etc.) or email us a photograph, that would be helpful.

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