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By Hannah Doherty
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The Secret Of Stain Removal

There is really no great secret to stain removal. The rule of thumb is “the longer the stain is there the more difficult it is to remove”. Fast action is required therefore. Panic should not enter into it.  Keep calm and assess the situation. A smart thing to do in advance of an emergency is to put a roll of absorbent paper (white only) or absorbent toweling (white only also) where it can easily be found – maybe under a cushion on your sofa.

Where it is can help with what it is

The location of the stain or spillage gives a good clue as to what type it is. Anywhere food is consumed the stain is usually water based. A bedroom stain especially near a mirror is often oil based. Each different type of stain requires a different method of attempted removal.

Water Based Stains

If the stain is water based use absorbent towelling to dab up as much of the spillage as possible. Be patient and you will remove most of the spillage. If after this process there remains some of the stain, re-moisten the area and resume the dabbing process. Continue until no further residue transfers to your towel. If some of the spillage still remains give us a call. It is at this point most damage is done by trying to force the stain out.

Oil Based Stains

Oil based stains, e.g. tar, oil, lipstick need a solvent to remove them. A citrus based product is safest. Apply the solvent to your towel sparingly and NOT directly to the stain. Pre test an inconspicuous area before using. Work from the outside of the stain and dab gently. Do not rub. Check your towel for evidence of removal. Carry on until no further residue is visible.

Solvents need to be flushed completely from your carpet. Depending on the severity of the staining you may not be able to do this adequately yourself.

You may need a professional. Give us a call we know a good one.

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