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We are very pleased with the cleaning. Thank you and Tom so much. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Every blessing and happiness for Christmas and the New Year. Mary

Hi Charlotte, just to thank you again and let you know your man Tony is an absolute gent. Am happy with my sofa clean, so far, (pun pun!) but am more impressed with you and your service.
I was looking online (Google search) for a way to clean my beloved sofa which is the first corner suite
of this, our first home. Your company came out on top of the search list, with a very high score in customer reviews.
I did contact other companies of the same for a quote on upholstery cleaning, and to be frank, only your company got back to me promptly. Also, Charlotte who was my initial contact from Aqua Dry, was great in answering my query and sent me a comprehensive quote for different levels of cleaning.
So I decided to go with your service even though the job was a bit pricey. But after a very punctual Tony who was very thorough and efficient, I can say I’m very glad to have booked your company. The cleaning itself was difficult as we are talking about a 13 year old corner suite which has never had a professional clean before ( I’m ashamed to say...). I have saved Aqua Dry in my contacts as I am confident to use you again in the future.

Just had Tom and his son cleaning my carpets. What a terrific job they did, they told me I had moths in my sitting room eating merrily away at my carpet but were very reassuring that they could deal efficiently with the problem and advised me how to avoid it in the future.
My carpets came up like new especially the stairs which is down for about 14 years.
I would highly recommend Aqua-Dry and will certainly use them exclusively in the future. Thanks a million.

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