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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Commercial Carpet Cleaning at Jones Lang La Salle Offices Dublin

Aqua-Dry: Commercial Carpet Cleaning at Jones Lang La Salle Offices Dublin

Why a one size fits all approach rarely works for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are thinking of implementing a carpet cleaning maintenance plan, some thought needs to go into the needs and requirements of your commercial premises. A one size fits all approach may be convenient for the carpet cleaning provider but may not represent best value to the buyer.

To set up a maintenance programme for commercial carpet cleaning a thorough survey needs to be carried out. In this survey, what needs to be established is:

How to best maintain high-traffic areas

One of the most important factors that affects the maintenance of carpets is footfall or levels of traffic. Footfall varies greatly depending on the use of the building and the location of the carpets. Typically, a fourth floor office will not need the same frequency of deep cleans as the entrance and ground floor carpets for example. Of course, an exception to this would be if the fourth floor housed the company canteen.

It goes without saying that high traffic areas need most attention. We find the use of barrier matting and more frequent vacuuming are invaluable in helping to maintain the carpets. The type of matting used as well as the type of vacuum cleaner will greatly impact the carpet cleaning maintenance programme.

We would recommend a beater bar type of vacuum cleaner as this facilitates excellent grit and soil removal. 3M do an excellent range of barrier matting which provides very good protection for your carpeting.

This in-house attention, alongside regular deep cleans and spot cleans will help maintain your reception, lobby, or entrance areas, by removing damaging and unsightly soiling, thereby prolonging the life of the carpet.

Different approaches to different types of commercial premises

Of course, some commercial premises are more public than others. The National Concert Hall will require a much different Carpet Cleaning Maintenance approach than a building where public access is not a feature. That and stain removal can be a major consideration in public buildings. Unsightly stains can ruin the good look of an entire premises and must be catered for in the consideration of a maintenance programme.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaning in the National Concert Hall

Aqua Dry: Commercial Cleaning National Concert Hall

Buyer’s requirements and budget

The buyer’s carpet cleaning requirements along with his/her budget affects the type of carpet cleaning maintenance provided in commercial buildings.

Because each premises has its own requirements, we always prefer to do on-site quotations, where we send an experienced technician who will advise on the best possible programme for a company’s specific needs. He will be able to advise on expected results and the best value programme for the company.

Another consideration

While regular carpet cleaning maintains the appearance of your building for your clients, another impact that is often overlooked is that which is has on the staff. Although the impact on staff morale cannot be measured, it would be reasonable to assume that a cleaner, fresher, healthier environment will help staff productivity.

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