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By Hannah Doherty
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We Will Be Beaten On Price

How often as I drive along do I see this headline?  “We won’t be beaten on price.”

This seems to indicate that price is the only consideration for doing business.  It is neither the only consideration nor the most important.

Other Things To Consider

Some of the questions you should be asking when looking to have your carpets cleaned might include the following:

  1. Do you have an experienced team which can handle the job?
  2. How long will the cleaning last?
  3. What guarantees do you offer?
  4. Do you have insurance in the case of something going wrong?
  5. Is it the best job I can get for the price?
  6. Are the technicians fully security vetted?

If the answer to these questions is satisfactory then everything else being equal price is now a valid consideration.

Benefit Of Experience

An experienced team will know what type of cleaning system to use. This is important because not every building has the same carpet throughout.  In fact most buildings have carpet tiles, synthetic or wool and carpeting of varying quality.  The Board Room may have an 80%:20% mix of wool and nylon.  Some even have very expensive rugs.  The system these rugs are cleaned with will certainly not be the same as the system used for the carpet tiles.

  • The system used will dictate how long the carpets stay clean after the job
  • This is really a huge consideration.
  • The longer the interval between cleans the better value for money.

What About Guarantee?

Office & Facilities Managers rely on the carpet cleaning professional to do an excellent job.  This should be backed up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  The carpet cleaner should know the expected results.  Any limitations should be pointed out to the customer.  On the basis of this a guarantee should be no problem.


From time to time things can go wrong.  It is then you need to know what insurance is in place.  You need to be sure that the company has Product Liability Insurance.  This covers the cost of any replacement due to accident or mishap.  You might be surprised to find out how few carpet cleaning companies carry this insurance.

So when we add up the cost of the best equipment and chemicals along with the most experienced technicians, good insurance cover and a cast iron guarantee, maybe price isn’t everything.

We will be beaten on price at times –  But that’s ALL


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Hannah Doherty

Hannah does a little bit of everything needed to keep the office running smoothly. She has working in the business for over 8 years now and, as she is Tom's daughter has been around Aqua-Dry her whole life. Hannah keeps track of clients, jobs and customer service as well as everything else! Read More
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