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By Hannah Doherty
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Upholstery cleaning Dublin company, Aqua-Dry’s Top Tips

Cleaning furniture and fabrics in your home or office can take time and a significant effort but by following these tips composed by upholstery cleaning Dublin company Aqua-Dry can simplify the whole process and make it less of a slog!

Step 1- Preventative measures and applying a stain protector.

A very handy preventative measure is to regularly vacuum upholstered furniture. A vacuum should be used to clean soft furnishings on a weekly basis and make sure you use the right attachments – like the small angled head – as they can be very handy to get between smaller crevices, where dust and dirt can easily accumulate over time.

Another good tip is to bring cushions outside once a month or so and beat them by hand. This will stop dust from setting into the fibres of the fabric. Also if you have high quality upholstered furniture, you might consider not allowing the family to eat while sitting on your “good” furniture. Food and drink are two of the worst culprits when it comes to causing stains. Similarly you might consider not allowing pets into your sitting room as it can be hard to prevent them from innocently staining your sofas or chairs, through no fault of their own!

Is it the same as Scotchgard?

This protective shield (commonly called scotchgard) will help to stop spillages from turning into permanent stains on furniture and fabrics. It can’t stop accidents from happening but it makes the clean-up fast and effective, prolonging the lifespan of upholstery and fabrics.

Step 2 - Dealing with stains on the spot

The best thing to do when tending to a fresh stain is to not allow it time to set. You should use a blotting motion with either a paper towel or a clean white absorbent towel. A big mistake would be to rub-in the stain as it would make the damage larger than it already is and more difficult to remove. If blotting the stain doesn’t work, a cleaning service may be required. We do not recommend that you attempt to clean your own upholstery. We know the temptation to try something, anything, but do your best to resist. The use of a wrong product can permanently damage your suite or chair in seconds. Your best bet is to contact us! As experienced professionals will know the best course of action given your type of upholstery and we are always very pleased to help you over the phone if we can.

Step 3 - A deep clean

Some householders like to have a deep clean on upholstery and carpets every 6 months – for others years can go by. This is purely down to personal preference and the extent of use that your sofas, chairs, etc. get. As a loose rule of thumb, the maximum time we would recommend that should lapse between deep cleans is two years.  And when you do bring in the experts, you’ll find your whole house feels fresher and cleaner once the dust is removed; some of our clients have even told us that they and their kids were able to breathe more easily in the home after a clean.

Why not go for it today? Give us a ring and tick that box off your list. We look forward to your call.

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