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By Hannah Doherty
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The Vacuum Cleaner

Why Is The Routine Maintenance Of A Carpet Important?

Sand and dirt are nothing more that very tiny rocks. These rocks along with foot traffic will cut and break down carpet fibres and upholstery fibres – much like sandpaper. This breakdown of the carpet and upholstery fibres will result in premature wear. If the dry gritty soil is not removed frequently, the carpet or upholstery becomes permanently damaged before it wears out.

Because of every day time constraints most carpets are NOT vacuumed effectively, people adopt the ‘cherry picking’ approach.

Over 80% of dirt within the carpet fibres is loose and can be vacuumed away providing the job is carried out well. That means vacuuming across the pile East to West AND down the pile North to South

Tips For Effective Vacuuming:

The Frequency:

  • Heavy traffic areas – vacuum daily
  • Medium traffic areas – vacuum two or three times a week
  • Light traffic areas – vacuum once or twice a week
  • Upholstery – vacuum once a week.

Having The Right ‘100% Functioning’ Vacuum:

  • Suitable for the specific area
  • Powerful suction and proper filtration
  • Properly maintained

Inspect The Vacuum Periodically:

  • Keep the brushes clean and replace them when they are worn
  • Keep the hoses and attachments free of obstructions
  • Inspect the vacuum for rough edges that may damage your carpet or soft furnishings
  • Inspect the belts frequently to make sure that they are working properly
  • Keep a spare belt for replacement if needed

Filter Bags:

  • When a vacuum bag is more than two thirds full, the efficiency of the vacuum decreases
  • It is important to check filter bags every time the vacuum is used
  • In high traffic conditions, vacuuming should be carried out daily

Regular cleaning and checking of the equipment maintains the suction and prolongs the life of the filter and vacuum cleaner. It also results in more effective vacuuming and ensures a healthier and more comfortable environment.

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