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By Hannah Doherty
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Is Stain Protector worth the cost?

Our stain protector is a protective coat usually applied to carpets and upholstery. It simply helps to protect your furniture and carpets from the wear and tear of daily life and the type of stains and damage caused by food, drink, dirt and dust.  It helps to repel water- and oil-based spillages such as wine, coffee, tar and oil. This has plenty of benefits which makes a professional service well worth the investment. For example:

  • By having a stain protector applied, a buyer can add years onto the life of his/her upholstery and carpets, giving you great value over time.
  • Having your furnishings protected saves the usual time taken to sort out a stain, as it makes the clean-up both easier and faster.
  • The coating minimises the impact of liquid spills and ground-in dirt so that your fabrics don’t look old and shabby, but stay looking fresher longer.

How to deal with spills

Aqua-Dry will demonstrate to you how to deal with spillages in order to prevent them becoming stains. While it is not bulletproof, it is a great help in the maintenance of your soft furnishings.

The cleaning process

We regularly apply stain protector to new carpets and upholstery, but also after cleaning. We would always recommend topping up your stain protector after cleaning. A full re-application is usually not necessary as the sides and back of your couches and the less trafficked areas of your carpets do not need it.

Worth the investment

Having a stain protector applied is definitely value for money in terms of maintaining the quality of different silks and fabrics. It helps to prevent long term damage from a number of factors such as spills, pet damage, daily wear and tear, while keeping your fabrics looking fresh and in top condition. It is a proven, robust type of seal which will prolong the life of your sofas and carpets – both in the home and in commercial/office settings.


The average time-frame that a protective coating will last for is around 3 to 5 years. This will vary depending on the level of use the material gets – the hall of a public building or the reception area in an office may get substantially more use than a spare bedroom in your home, for example.  We can advise you on the recommended service when we visit your home and you can be confident our advice is the best there is in the Dublin market – we’ve been in business for over 35 years now and stain protector is a service we have offered almost since day one!

Contact Aqua-Dry or call +35318400799.

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