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What to do when you spill something on your carpets
By Hannah Doherty
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What to do when you spill something on your carpets

Very often the reason a professional carpet cleaning company is asked to come in is to remove stains which cannot be removed by the customer. It is thought that the carpet cleaning company will have somebody sufficiently well trained to deal with every type of stain. This is actually not true at all. The ability of the carpet cleaning technician to remove stains is governed by a number of factors. The first thing to consider is:

What type of Stain is it?

  1. Oil based stains such as tar, fats, grease, cosmetics etc. are usually easier to remove from a wool carpet or wool-rich carpet. A synthetic carpet, i.e. nylon, polypropylene etc. does not give up these types of stains so easily.
  2. With water based stains such as tea, coffee, and juice, it is easier to remove these from a synthetic carpet. Wool loves water so it does not want to give up these stains too readily.

The general rule of thumb is, that wool loves water and hates oil, and synthetics hate water and love oil. It is therefore easy to see that the same treatment on different carpet types will not work as effectively on each.

Other factors that affect carpet cleaning and stain removal

Other things that affect carpet cleaning and stain removal include heat and age. The hotter the liquid spillage, the more likely the permanent damage is. Stains near sources of heat such as underfloor heating, open fires and even direct sunlight will also be more prone to permanent staining.

It is therefore very important to deal with a spillage quickly and especially if the spillage or stain is near a heat source.

So what do you do?

Oil based stains:

  1. Blot up immediately with absorbent towelling or tissues;
  2. Do not rub the carpet as this may cause “fuzzing” on the pile. If this happens, it is permanent and can look worse than the original stain. You will need a solvent cleaner to remove the stain. Your friendly dry cleaner may be able to oblige you with some dry cleaning solvent.

Water based stains:

  1. As with oil based stains, blot up immediately, using absorbent tissues or towelling.
  2. Be very patient with the blotting action because this is your best chance of removing the spillage completely.
  3. If the stain is tea, coffee or red wine, you will need to call the professionals. You will need to do this as soon as possible!

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