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Professional Rug Cleaning Dublin in Progress
By Hannah Doherty
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Professional Rug Cleaning - Please don't spin a yarn!

Professional Rug Cleaning Quote

We visited a lady last week to look at a very large rug she needed to have cleaned.

She was a very friendly lady who welcomed us into her home. As we were discussing the rug cleaning, I pointed out that two stains on her rug were almost certainly permanent. Her response to that really took me by surprise. She said: “Thank you very much, I didn’t want you to spin me a yarn”.

People just want an honest assessment

It’s like when you go to your local garage with a problem. You like to know that whatever is wrong with your vehicle is all you are being told, no more, no less. This requires that a mechanic is fully competent to assess your vehicle and is completely honest in his appraisal of how it can be fixed.

Personally, I think it’s terrible that people are scared of professional carpet cleaners, upholstery and rug cleaners not giving them an honest assessment. Some of this may be down to lack of training or experience on the part of the technician. That, at least, can be rectified by the cleaning professional.

Honest assessment of rug cleaning results and 100% Money back guarantee

Well, back to our lady and the rug quote. She told me she loved the rug but was very concerned that it could not be cleaned and obviously didn’t want to pay a lot for an unsatisfactory result. My assessment was that we could indeed get a result that she would be happy with. I also reassured her that if for any reason she was not happy with the result, then she was covered by our 100% money back guarantee. This is only fair. Now she knows the realistic expected results and has the comfort of a solid guarantee.

Well, a happy ending is in sight here. We have one more process to carry out before the job is completed. At the moment, we are very pleased with the results. However, we must wait for the moment of truth when we return this precious rug to its owner. I think she will like it.

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