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By Hannah Doherty
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Leather Sofa Cleaning

Quality Fabrics Merit Professional Cleaning

leather-sofa-cleaning Let’s face it, leather really is a luxury fabric and if you’ve invested in furniture that’s upholstered in leather, then you already appreciate the comfort and beauty this natural fabric brings to a home. And one of the best things about it is that as it ages, it looks even better. But that’ll only be the case if you look after it carefully so it’s well worth getting the professionals in when it comes to leather sofa cleaning.

Leather Care – Key Considerations

First of all as it’s a natural fabric, leather has inherent oils that protect its surface from damage – think of it as moisturiser for the skin! So first of all it’s important not to use any harsh cleaning products that strip away this protective layer. Secondly this oil will naturally deplete over time so it needs to be replenished with suitable, specialist conditioning treatments on a regular basis, to maintain the quality of the leather fabric. Also of course, consider the positioning of any leather-upholstered furniture in your home – try to keep them away from direct sunlight and don’t have them too close to sources of heat like the fireplace or radiators as sunshine can cause the colour to change and heat may cause the fabric to dry-out and crack. On a week-to-week basis it is helpful to vacuum the furniture with a soft brush and wipe down the leather with a very lightly-dampened soft cloth.

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Service

When Aqua-Dry undertakes a professional clean on leather sofas and chairs; we treat the fabric with the utmost care and respect; that means our staff are trained specifically to work with leather, we use the highest quality professional cleaning products, designed especially for leather and we have a proven, robust cleaning process that will protect the leather. This gives your furniture a longer life and creates a cleaner, healthier environment – a lot of our clients can really sense the difference in the atmosphere and they have mentioned they simply feel a little brighter once their sofas are cleaned professionally – we can’t guarantee you’ll feel better because of a leather sofa cleaning service of course but we can commit to an excellent service!

Our procedure involves a deep-clean approach whereby we initially make sure the furniture is ready for a professional clean, lightly vacuuming it if necessary. We then take the very best-in-market professional leather cleaning cream, applying it across the entire surface of the fabric. We remove the cleaning product gently and thoroughly, carefully removing any stains and soiling and leaving the leather looking fresh and primed for conditioning. We can do this service either by using our specialist equipment or by hand and when we visit your home, we assess which option will give you the best result. Our service cleans and conditions the leather skin, keeping it supple and helping to avoid any potential cracking. This process also helps to keep your furniture looking great and leather, in particular, responds brilliantly to a little care and attention!

Arrange a Free Call-Out and Quote Today

Summer is a great time to get things sorted; the work-load is often a little lighter and family life can be more relaxed than normal. So it’s a great time to cross off a few things on your To-Do list and if you give us a quick call now – we’ll provide a quote over the phone, and get your leather furniture cleaned in no time! While we are with you, we can also quote for carpet cleaning as it can make sense to simply get it all done in one go. Another job you could easily cross off the list!

Please do contact us now – we look forward to your call 01 8400799

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