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By Hannah Doherty
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How Valuable is My Rug?

The value of a rug is a question that comes up time and time again.

Our experience is that the value of a rug can be looked at in two ways:

Firstly there is the monetary value and then there is the sentimental value.

Putting a monetary value on your rug is a job for the experts. While the cost of a new rug can be high due to the intricacy of the weaving, the fame and reputation of the designer, the materials used or the time taken to complete the rug, the really high prices that rugs can garner are often due to other factors such as origin, age and (sometimes, but not always) quality.

The most expensive rug in the world

The value of rugs, while determined by some of the aforementioned factors, can also be largely influenced by the appeal of owning a unique piece of cultural history. Take for example “the most expensive rug in the world”.

the most expensive rug ever sold

The most expensive Rug ever sold

This 17th Century Antique Persian Rug (8ft x 6ft) was put up for auction in Sotheby’s in June 2013. Its sale was hotly anticipated by those-in-the-know due to its origin, its rarity, its perceived beauty, its age, excellent condition, and its historical value. However, the bidding exceeded all expectations and its new owner bid a whopping $30,000,000.00, to which was added an additional $4,000,000.00 in auction fees alone! Not a bad day’s work for Sotheby’s!

Oriental rugs

There are still plenty of beautiful modern and antique oriental rugs out there for those of us who don’t have a cool $34 Million lying around. However, the Oriental rug business can be extremely complex. If you only buy a rug as a memento of your holidays then the price you pay is probably the most important thing to you. On the other hand if you decide to make your rug purchases an investment you need good advice. Our advice is to find a reputable dealer who knows the market.  Their job is to make sure that the pieces are in good condition, know where they originated and what a reasonable price to pay is. Peter Linden would be the best known and reputed antique and oriental rugs expert in Ireland. You can find him at

Sentimental Value

For many people, the true value of their rug is sentimental.  In many ways this is more important to us than the monetary value. Although we are covered by public and product liability insurance for any eventuality, sentimental value and personal attachment is impossible to replace. This was brought home to me vividly a couple of years ago.

I visited a customer in south Dublin to quote for cleaning 1 rug.  The man showed me his 6ft x 4ft rug and pleaded with me not to damage it. So forceful was he that I wondered if we should even take it away.  We did and it cleaned up beautifully.  When I returned the rug I asked him why he had been so concerned about possible damage.  His reply told me the value of this rug.  Three months had passed since his wife died and she had made the rug for him.

Not Just a Rug

Almost every rug we clean has a story to it. Buying a rug can be a really unique experience.  It evokes memories (usually good ones) for years.  That is why we take the cleaning of these rugs so seriously.  We are dealing with more than just your precious rug.

I don’t know how valuable your rug is.  What I do know is how to safely clean it and not damage it in any way.

If you are looking for advice or a quotation on getting rugs cleaned, why not get in touch. Email or call 01-8400799. Find out more about our rug cleaning service

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