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By Hannah Doherty
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Customer Care Counts

A Tale Of A Barber Shop:

We are being told that the recession is over and if it is, that’s great news. I’m sure many people will take convincing. For the majority of people it has been and still is very difficult.  I was asking myself how has it impacted and what has been lost.

Paying Attention

My barber Dave had a lovely business going for years. He took his time over each customer whether that was a young lad or a more elderly chap. He was an avid Liverpool fan and enjoyed the banter about football. Dave charged a bit more than other barbers but you got the feeling that he cared about you and his trade

When the recession hit he could not cope with the explosion of barber shops that opened up. His story is pretty typical, stuck on high rent, demand falling etc etc.

So What’s The Point?

The point is that some genuinely good tradesmen and service personnel have been lost to the workforce. In our own industry I know of some top technicians who no longer work within the industry. Genuine know-how and craftsmanship take a long time to replace.

Anyway the story has a good end.  My old barber started up again.  Apart from all the usual great service he used to provide he now offers his customers a beer while they are waiting, honestly he does!!!  I bet you’d love to know where his shop is?

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Hannah Doherty

Hannah does a little bit of everything needed to keep the office running smoothly. She has working in the business for over 8 years now and, as she is Tom's daughter has been around Aqua-Dry her whole life. Hannah keeps track of clients, jobs and customer service as well as everything else! Read More
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