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JLL office carpet (3)
By Hannah Doherty
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Commercial Cleaning for Offices How to Assess Your Needs

If you’re looking to find a new professional commercial cleaning company for offices in Dublin – maybe the last crowd weren’t so professional? – then this article is a useful read. We discuss how you should go about working out the level of service needed, how to find a supplier that’s a good fit for your business and what to look out for. It’s not rocket science, but you want to find a commercial cleaning business that you can build a long-term relationship with, one you can trust implicitly as they obviously have access to your premises and may be working around staff. Also, you don’t want the hassle of going through the process again within a few months. So here’s a few things to consider if you are managing this process…

  1. Talk with Your Team to Document Cleaning Requirements

You may be tempted to get the spec. you used last time with the previous supplier or to sit back and simply write out what you think is required, but the best option is to ask internal staff are there any areas or cleaning services they feel should be covered – there are often neglected corners and nooks and crannies in offices that can get grimy over the years without regular cleaning – ultimately these can present a health and safety hazard. They may not need to be cleaned as frequently as other areas that are in constant use, but remember at the outset you want to document a comprehensive set of requirements which you can then discuss with the cleaning company.

In making a comprehensive list of commercial cleaning requirements, don’t forget the less obvious but important services; it’s easy to know that the carpet needs to be cleaned but what about the upholstery? Office dividers, the rugs and couches in reception and office chairs will all need to be cleaned from time to time.

  1. Prioritise the Services Needed

Once you have documented the requirements in full, try to prioritise your needs – the carpet in reception will be highly visible to your visitors and may be in heavy use while the carpet on the back stairs may be used less frequently. Cleaning the dividers may not seem important, but if they haven’t been cleaned for a long time, then they will move up the list in terms of priority – in fact having carpets and dividers cleaned professionally can give a sense of freshness to the office environment, improve air quality and can really lift the spirits of the team.

  1. Discuss the service needed with your supplier

Professional cleaning companies with extensive experience in cleaning offices can advise you on how often you should clean certain items like carpets and upholstery. This can depend on the amount of use they get, the type of material it is, the environment and your budget of course.

Commercial Cleaning Dublin – Aqua-Dry Delivers

One thing you should do when a selecting a new supplier – is to make sure they have been around a long time and that they have client references that you can check up on. It’s also useful to ask what cleaning products they use – a good supplier will know the benefits of the products they use inside-out.

Aqua-Dry has been cleaning offices for 35 years in Dublin and we are commercial cleaning experts. We have high-profile clients, in-depth experience, and trained, professional staff.

Contact us or call 018400799 to discuss your office cleaning needs and we’ll do a free site visit to talk through your requirements and document a competitive quote. We look forward to talking with you.

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