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By Hannah Doherty
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Commercial Cleaning Dublin Co. Aqua-Dry

Specialists in Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery

You want your business or commercial facility to make the right impression and to do that, cleanliness is essential; everything should look great! To get this effect, an efficient commercial cleaning service is essential and an effective carpet cleaning service can make all the difference.

While a commercial carpet cleaning supplier will share similar techniques to what you might do yourself at home on your own carpet, a good supplier will approach the process in a more thorough and professional manner. The sanitization of your carpet and upholstery is important not just for aesthetic reasons but also because it helps keep the environment healthier.

Domestic Versus Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Typically when you hoover your carpets at home, you’ll simply get the vacuum out and run around the room or hall hoovering the carpet – with little or no preparation. And many people don’t use any products during this process. Even if you call out the professionals, like Aqua Dry, for a carpet cleaning service, in a domestic setting it’s typically a once-off service. In fact as a rule of thumb we recommend that a professional carpet clean should be done at least every two years. Obviously, this is up to each customer; some people like to have it done every 6 months as it gives them confidence in the cleanliness of the fabric. Of course, it can depend on the intensity of use too.

In any case, with commercial carpet cleaning, there is considerably more to it than what your average Joe Soap does at home! That’s because businesses and commercial facilities are obliged to put the best foot forward in terms of the look of their carpets and often it’s the common areas, where the public and clients will come into the building, where the carpets will heavily impact first impressions.

Usually there are two aspects to a professional commercial carpet cleaning service; regular maintenance and intermittent preventative services. For regular carpet cleaning, we use Hot Water Extraction as the technique that will get the best result. There are other options like shampooing and encapsulation. We use professional equipment that achieves excellent results and we use a range of products that are designed to be effective – and safe – in a commercial setting. We can also do spot cleaning on stains where necessary as part of this regular maintenance contract.

Preventative services include Scotchgard Protector and Sanitation Treatment. This will greatly increase the longevity of the carpet and given the cost of replacement for larger areas like commercial premises, it simply makes financial sense to consider this option.

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If you are the person who appoints commercial cleaners and/or manages a facility, we’d very much welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you, to assess your requirements, give you expert advice and provide a highly cost-competitive quote. All our work comes with a 100% Money back guarantee and we are trusted by some of the most reputable long-standing establishments in the country.

Read our commercial customer testimonials here.

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