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Restaurant Carpet Cleaning
By Hannah Doherty
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Restaurants

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Although carpet on restaurant floors is not as fashionable as it used to be there are still many restaurants using carpet. The important thing form the restaurant owner’s point of view is to put the right type of carpeting down.

A restaurateur should bear in mind that it will need regular carpet cleaning. Therefore there are several considerations when choosing the type of carpet

Can the Carpet be Wet Cleaned?

This recently became an issue for us when we were asked to quote for a Carpet Clean in a Chinese restaurant. The carpet was quite heavily impacted with grease in the walkway area. On examination of the carpet type we discovered it was a ‘Belgian Wilton’ carpet. These are often sold as a true Wilton carpet, which they are not. The full fibres are synthetic, usually Polypropylene and not wool as in a true Wilton. The problem from a carpet cleaning point of a view is that these carpets stain quite easily. In order to get a satisfactory cleaning job done, it is usually necessary to pre-spray an enzyme cleaner before hot water extraction.

This leaves hot water extraction cleaning very risky on this type of carpet. We would not recommend this type of carpeting, particularly for high-traffic, high-impact areas such as restaurants or any busy commercial premises or homes.

Unfortunately, there is no other method of cleaning which will satisfactorily clean this type of carpet.

How will the Carpet wear?

As carpeting can be a very large investment, it needs to last the course. In this regard, a wool, synthetic mix is usually best. The wool content gives it that luxurious feel and look while the synthetic mix makes the carpet last much longer. From a carpet cleaning point of view, there are no real risks either.

What about Carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles in a restaurant can be a very attractive proposition. Depending on the quality of carpet tile, they can look very attractive indeed.

A feature which is attractive to the restaurant owner is that spares can be kept. This means that theoretically the most worn carpet tiles replaced over time. This practice doesn’t always work out though, as 5 years later, it can be hard to locate where those spare tiles are kept

In conclusion, it is smart to consider how your lovely new carpet will clean up after a couple of years’ wear and tear.

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