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By Hannah Doherty
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Cleaning Duration

Would 45 Minutes Be Enough Time To Properly Clean A Three Piece Suite?

Certainly not is the short answer!

It would take that amount of time just to vacuum it prior to any wet cleaning process!

There are cleaning technicians out there who WILL say that they can clean your three piece suite within that time.

What Will Be Missed?

The first thing missing will be the pre-clean inspection to see and discuss with the customer any pre-existing damage found and give an honest appraisal of what to expect from the cleaning process.

The essential vacuuming process will not be carried out (no time)…this alone would remove over 80% of the dry soil.

They may not apply any pre-treatment to the fabric, no real agitation to break the soil bond with the fibres but simply rely on the hand-tool and machines to ‘wash’ the fabric….this will usually result in a mediocre a poor or even damaged result. See the picture below as an example:

The Results of Poor Upholstery Cleaning

The Results of Poor Upholstery Cleaning

Consider This

If processed properly and thoroughly the cleaning of a three piece suite could take in excess of two hours to complete.

Consider the cost of your furniture when you purchased it?

Would you trust someone who is only prepared to spend three quarters of an hour to clean it?

I hope not!

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Hannah Doherty

Hannah does a little bit of everything needed to keep the office running. Although relatively new to the job, she’s been around Aqua-Dry her whole life as she is Tom’s daughter. Hannah keeps track of clients, jobs and customer service as well as everything else! Read More
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