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terms and conditions magnified
By Hannah Doherty
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Carpet Cleaning Dublin Blog - "Terms and Conditions Apply"

Carpet cleaning terms and conditions should be simple

You shouldn't need a magnifying glass for carpet cleaning terms and conditions

Carpet Cleaning: Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and conditions always seem to apply to everything, but are they always in favour of the customer?

Carpet Cleaning is as important to a carpet cleaning company as teaching is to a teacher or banking to a banker. At least it should be.

At Aqua-Dry, we love what we do and try mightily to give of our best to each customer. Because of this, we have some terms and conditions. However, our terms and conditions may be a little different from the norm.

When I hear companies advertise their goods on radio and television I am a little amazed. When it comes to mentioning their terms and conditions, they seem to say that bit very quickly and right at the end. I sometimes wonder if it’s because the advertising is so expensive or if it’s because they don’t want you to hear about terms and conditions. For some reason it always struck me that terms and conditions seem to be negative or at least not in the interest of the customer.

I hear some companies even calling them T&C’s. Be careful not to mix that up with TLC.

At Aqua-Dry our carpet cleaning Dublin operation has the following terms and conditions:

  • All our work, both domestic and commercial comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • We contact every customer after the job to ensure that they were happy with all aspect of the carpet cleaning experiences.
  • All our operators are fully trained to the highest standards.
  • We carry full insurance both public liability and product liability.
  • We want only delighted customers.

You might notice that all these terms and conditions are in favour of our customers. You shouldn’t really have to strain your eyes looking at the small print. There should be no traps for the customer. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that takes its work very seriously, give us a call. You won’t be disappointed. That’s another T&C of our business.

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