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By Hannah Doherty
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Carpet Cleaning to Remove Paint

We would always advise to have your carpets cleaned AFTER the painting and decorating has been done. Really, the last thing that should be done is the carpet cleaning.
It is the decorator’s responsibility to cover your carpets and soft furnishings and while there is really no excuse for getting paint on your carpets or furnishings, it can happen.

Can the paint be removed from the carpet?

The type of paint that gets on your carpet and the quantity dictates whether or not it can successfully be removed.
The type of carpet also has a bearing on this.
Small splashes of oil-based paint can usually be removed very successfully. It is very important to get in touch with a carpet cleaning company such as ourselves as soon as possible after the stains appear.

Larger deposits of oil-based stains are usually impossible to fully remove.

Carpet Cleaning and Water-based Paints

Although most people think that water based paint is easier to remove than oil-based paint, that is not our experience. Water-based spillages, especially on wool rich carpets, are nigh impossible to remove, particularly if the stain has dried in.

Small deposits of water-based paint can be removed, but you must act very quickly.
While the stain is still moist, it can be flushed and extracted.

The difference between trying to remove oil and water based paint is that with oil, a solvent can be used. Not so with water-based paint.

There are products available to professional carpet cleaners which are designed to remove oil-based paint. I am not currently aware of any such product for water-based paint spillages.

No.1 Message - Make Sure Your Painter Takes Care!

So Rule No.1: make sure the painter is responsible enough to cover your carpets, upholstery and rugs adequately. Rule No.2: in the event of a spill, act quickly, especially if it’s a water based paint spillage.

If you do get paint on your carpet, of course please contact us now – or call us on 01 - 8400799 or email or

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