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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stain Removal
By Hannah Doherty
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The Main Reason Why Some Stains Don't Come Out

According to our operations manager Tony (who has over 30 years’ experience), the most common question asked on a job is “is it going to clean up?” (I.e. will the stains remove?)

We have been cleaning carpets in Dublin for almost 40 years now and while we can never guarantee that a stain will remove, we would have a fair idea of what we can and cannot successfully remove.

We have vast experience, top-of-the-range equipment, and use the best cleaning products. However, there are certain factors that limit our ability and there are certain stains that DO NOT budge, no matter what (see the worst offenders at the bottom of this page).

The main culprit when stains don’t come out is….you (sorry!)

The biggest factor that determines our success rate for most stains is whether anything has been used on the stain to remove it. By “anything” we mean anything other than a clean damp cloth.

All too often we have arrived at a home to see “Vanish patches” where Vanish has been used to try and remove the stain. What they don’t include on the label is that it often makes stains permanent. Not only that but it also has a bleaching effect which can leave lighter patches on the carpet. Unfortunately, these cannot be removed with a deep clean. Washing up liquid is not ideal either as without professional equipment, the soapy residue will remain in the carpet fibres. Over time will attract dust and soil to the area causing recurring stains.

The best thing to do in most cases is firstly, remove any solids (food spills, mud, vomit, pet accidents etc.). Then with a clean, absorbent, damp cloth, work your way from the outside in to blot up the stain. Continue to gently blot the stain with a damp cloth until there is no more transfer of the stain onto the cloth. NEVER RUB, this can cause irreparable damage to the carpet fibres. Using a clean white cloth makes it easier to see the residue coming out of the carpet. After that, if the stain remains, the best thing to do is get a professional call out for stain removal.

Red wine stains, coffee stains, mud stains…which stains are the worst offenders?

If a stain hasn’t been touched by any under-the-sink products, we have a much better chance of removing it. There are certain stains, however, which we will not be able to remove.

The main one is Lucozade. The colouring agent in Lucozade leaves permanent marking and try as we might, it’s going to be a permanent mark.

Fake tan is another culprit. Unlike make-up, which can often be successfully removed, the dye in fake tan usually permanently stains carpets.

Pet urine contains uric acid which has a bleaching effect on fibres. This can cause permanent marking. It also makes it difficult to fully remove the odour. This is really best to be avoided if possible.

Tea, and coffee can be difficult to remove but not always impossible. This will depend on the type of carpet and how soon we get to it. Red wine, mud stains and a lot of oil-based food stains can often remove quite well. Having a stain protector will be a great help in preventing many of the above from leaving permanent marks.

If you need advice on how to deal with particular stains, please follow our Facebook and Instagram page where we will be posting tips on specific stains. Or of course, you can email us directly or give us a call on 01-8400799.

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