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By Hannah Doherty
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Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Value for money

Value for Money – Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, what constitutes value for money?

While many may have different definitions of what constitutes value for money in carpet cleaning, our definition is this:
"The cleanest clean you can get, with a results that lasts the longest"
If these two are delivered by pleasant staff who are courteous and respectful in your home, that’s even better.

You also want to know that the company really cares about their customers’ satisfaction. After every carpet cleaning job, we contact our customers to ensure that they were satisfied with the job. See our testimonials page to find out what they have said.

Value for money comes with carpet cleaning expertise

How do we achieve the cleanest clean? The carpet cleaning technician must be able to recognise what sort of soil he is looking at. We would take into account things like the location of the carpet, i.e. is it in the kitchen area, the living room, a busy reception area etc.

Also, the type of carpet is important to recognise. Why? Because carpet tiles should be cleaned in a different way to wool-rich carpets. Natural fibre carpets will respond best to products specifically designed to clean natural fibres. There are other products which are best used on synthetic carpets. The qualified technician should know which products are best practice for the carpet in question.

Best carpet cleaning equipment

Once we know what soiling we are looking at and the type of surface we are endeavouring to remove it from, the next important thing to consider is: which type of equipment will get the best results?

For wool rich carpet, the hot water extraction system is best. We operate truck-mounted machines which powerfully penetrate to the base of the carpet to remove soil.

For synthetic carpets e.g. Nylon, Hot Water Extraction is not always best. A combination of shampooing, bonnet cleaning or encapsulation cleaning usually works best.

It stand to reason that a carpet cleaning job that lasts say 6 months longer, reduces the cost of cleaning and the need to replace carpets prematurely.

So to summarize, a properly trained technician who knows what type of carpet and soiling he is dealing with, and who has the best equipment to remove that soiling will give the best value for money in the long-term.

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