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carpet cleaning dublin blog - carpet shading
By Hannah Doherty
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Carpet Cleaning Dublin Aqua-Dry Blog - Carpet shading

Soiling or Carpet Shading?

I’m just back from a quote for Carpet Cleaning Dublin 9. The request that came into our office was to quote for carpet cleaning in a 3 bedroom house. We had applied a stain protector to these carpets approximately 2 years before. The whole house was carpeted in an 80/20 wool mix carpet. Our customer was concerned that some areas of her carpet were not wearing as well as others. She thought she had a soiling problem. At first sight, I could see that some areas looked darker than others but quickly realised that her problem was not dirty carpets. The problem was what is known as “shading”, “pooling” or “pile reversal”. This manifests itself like water marking. It is also only really evident on lighter coloured carpets.

What is carpet shading?

Shading usually occurs when the fibres of the carpet in a certain area lay in a different direction than the rest of the carpet. It results in a loss of uniformity in the carpet’s appearance as you can see in the image above.

What can be done?

In truth, no one really knows why this occurs. Cleaning will not rectify the problem, neither will vacuuming. The upside is that this phenomenon appears on good quality carpets. It can therefore be seen as a feature. Of course, I know not everyone feels this way. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be rectified, except by changing the carpet or realising that soiling is not the problem.

Did we lose out?

So, back to our quote for Carpet Cleaning Dublin 9. Having explained what I believed the problem was, our customer in the end decided to take our advice and not go for carpet cleaning on her bedrooms or stairs. She did go for carpet cleaning on her living/dining room, which was adjacent to the kitchen. So did we lose out on a nice big job? Not really. Our customer comes first, and will probably use our service many times in the future, here’s hoping.

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