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By Hannah Doherty
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Are Protectors Any Good?

I mentioned recently that I would return to the subject of “Protection”. The idea of a protector on carpets and upholstery is to help stop spillages becoming permanent stains and to help in the maintenance of soft furnishings.

Furniture and carpets get a lot of wear and tear. On a daily basis they are walked, sat on and people eat and drink on them. Only this week one of our own customers told me of her husband spilling a coke on her recently protected cream carpet.  She said ‘luckily I got it out’. It wasn’t really luck at all. She worked on the spillage immediately as per our demonstration and removed it completely. In this particular case the protection stopped World War 3 breaking out.

Reasons For Disappointment:

The reasons customers are disappointed with the performance of protectors are:

  • They are over sold
  • The limitations are not pointed out.

The first thing to know about carpet and upholstery protector is that it is not Bullet Proof

It’s a help and that’s all it is, albeit a very good help. If you spill a pot of hot coffee on your protected furnishings it is possible you will have a permanent stain unless you act very quickly. If you spill a hot pot of coffee on your furnishings which are not protected, you will definitely have a permanent stain.

A good protector properly applied will give you time to act. This is critical in the prevention of spillages becoming stains.

Find Out How It Works:

Many times the retailer will apply the protection and send the furnishings out already treated. A big problem arises here. It is vital to show the customer how to deal with a spillage. Part of the in home application of a protector should be a demonstration of what to do in the event of a spillage. A few minutes spent on this can save the customer a lot of grief.

So in conclusion, have your furnishings protected because it helps greatly in the maintenance of your carpets and upholstery. Just be aware that protection does not keep all spillages at bay (dye stains for example). And finally, be sure to ask your technician to demonstrate how to deal with spillages.

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Hannah Doherty

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