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By Hannah Doherty
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American Football and Carpet Cleaning?

American Football and Carpet Cleaning?

Back to basics

Vince Lombardi, one of the most famous of all American Football coaches, and one of the most successful, once encountered a slump with his team the Green Bay Packers. This great coach got his players together and explained that they needed to get back to basics. “This gentlemen,” said Lombardi, “is a football”. That is about as basic as it gets.

We’ve run a carpet cleaning business for over 35 years now. I got to thinking: what are the basic things that never change. Perhaps other carpet cleaning businesses recognise some of these.

What are the basics?

The first thing we wanted to bring to the industry was top quality cleaning. The second was top quality care. Thirdly, that people could completely trust our promises. These three things cannot change regardless.

Top quality carpet cleaning is something which never stands still. New products, new equipment and methods are constantly being introduced. Any business that wants to maintain a core or basic principle in their business must constantly keep up with new trends. Carpet Cleaning is not different to any other business in this regard.

With the best training, the best equipment and the latest methods, delivering top quality carpet cleaning can be maintained. Top quality care is a slightly different matter. We have been in the business for over 30 years, but for the customer, it could be their first time getting their carpets cleaned. Our technicians are still as enthusiastic as ever and fully committed to giving you the finest job possible, every time. After every job, we contact each customer to ensure they are fully satisfied with our service.

Our third basic principle is that our customers can completely trust our promises. We are glad to say that our new website carries many genuine testimonials from our commercial and domestic customers.

It's the result that really counts

Here’s another quote from Vince Lombardi, which you might like: “Running a football team is no different from running any other kind of organisation. Some of us will do our jobs well, and some will not. But we will all be judged on one thing, the result.”
When we clean your carpets, it's the result that really counts.

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Hannah Doherty

Hannah does a little bit of everything needed to keep the office running smoothly. She has working in the business for over 8 years now and, as she is Tom's daughter has been around Aqua-Dry her whole life. Hannah keeps track of clients, jobs and customer service as well as everything else! Read More
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